"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself." - Josh Billings

Some facts about our favorite breed

West Hair

West highland white terrier has a coat consisting of straight and hard coat hair about 5 cm long and a short, thick and soft undercoat. Dogs only appear with white ointment, although the westie ground coat is never snow-white but has, especially on the back, a light cream shade - it is a remnant of the ancestors.

Hair care

Westi does not moult like most dogs of other breeds but it requires trimming. This is hair plucking with a trimer knife. You can't cut or shave westies hair because in this case it is not able to renew and the root becomes weaker. Trimming is not a difficult task, you can learn it. Preparation for the exhibition, however, requires professional preparation, e.g. in a hair salon for dogs.


Westi has a good appetite and is not picky. It's best to give him a high-class ready-made food for small breeds with a low content of cereals and protein. I advise you not to feed your dog with fake, low-quality food, because Westie might lose it's hair properties and start moulting.

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