A Few Importand Rules

Advance payment

If you are interested in buying puppies from my kennel, I would like to inform you about the rules for accepting orders:

when you are interested in purchasing puppies you should contact us by email or phone. Please tell us what gender you are looking for and any of your comments

  • After the puppies are born, the breeder will confirm the buyer's prior reservation to the e-maill address or by phone with additional information.

  • In the case of more orders than the number of puppies born, the conclusion of the contract is determined by the order in which the advance payments are made to the account.

  • Zaliczka wynosi: 2.000,00 zł i jest płatny na wskazane przez hodowcę konto.

  • Wpłata zaliczki jest faktem zawarcia umowy kupna i jest wiążąca dla obu stron.

  • After the conclusion of the contract (advance payment), the breeder undertakes to sell the ordered puppy in accordance with the general conditions set out in the regulations of the Kennel Club in Poland.

Our dogs

  • We only sell pedigree, healthy puppies, tagged with a chip / tattoo, birth certificate with breeding documentation (health book).

  • Pedigree is a guarantee of the Breed's purity, and thus ensures proper dog structure, appropriate temperament and beautiful appearance. 

Why us?

  • Puppies from my kennel are dewormed three times before. dewormed and vaccinated twice (we introduced an early vaccination system to minimize the risk of infection in new homes during quarantine).

  • Our puppies spend their puppy's childhood with our childrenthey are cuddled, they are carefully raised, well cared for and their behavior is appropriate Their are also raised in the home athmosfere because we are opponents of pens breeding. Our kennel is different because we provide excellent conditions for socialization.

  • Each puppy receives a layette (feed starter, blanket, toy).



 *Jedynie w przypadkach losowych wynikłych nie z winy hodowcy ( np. mało liczny miot, brak szczenięcia wybranej płci itp.) zaliczka zostaje zwrócony w całości (tzn. 100% kwoty wpłaconej przez kupującego) 

I am asking for serious decisions.

A dog is a family member and must be treated as such 🙂

We do not sell puppies to the outside shacks!   

The collection of puppies takes place after the age of 9 weeks - according to the ZKWP regulations

You can order the appropriate food with our help by prior arrangement.


  • current photos of the selected puppy and his current weight
    I will send every few days until pick up of the selected puppy, using the chosen communication channel,

  • for those wishing to experience the development of a selected puppy together, it is possible to view puppies on-line via Skype or other available instant messenger.

    Photos will also appear on our website www.westiesbesties.pl

Do you have a question?

Contact us 

If you have any questions or would like to buy a dog, please contact us by phone or email. (For English speakers: Before calling us please write an email or private message on Facebook)

Phone number

+48 604 414 052