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My name is Joanna and I run dog kennel (dogs with pedigree) Westies Besties 

West Highland White Terrier Home Kennel

Hello to you!

Dogs have always been in my house.

There was a miniature pinscher, a German shepherd in the block, a Siberian husky in a private house. Everyone is different, everyone with a different character, from constant barking (pinscher), through dog to demolition (sheepdog) to husky, with whom it was difficult to make contact.

Our family vacation and 2008. While waiting with my infant daughter for the rest of the family who visited the gold mine, I met the West Highland White Terrier. Of course he was waiting with his owner but at first sight he delighted me. Of course the dog.

And it started.

Searching for a dog, kennel, information and important breed tips. It was certain at once that the dog will be from a registered kennel, with a clean pedigree, but most importantly that the dog will have the expected character and appearance traits when it grows up a little. I wasn't scared of having two children, including an infant and a puppy.

And so it began...


Get to know us

The first West was chosen by his son in 2009 - female LUNA.

Drugi wybór po latach przypadł na córkę w 2018 roku- suczka DORI.

First exhibition, first gold, first recognition, first joy.

Dreams come true!

I have a home kennel of pedigree dogs registered in the Kennel Club in Poland WESTIES BESTIES.

All our dogs live with us at home, we care about them, they are neat and they have they have their own place on the sofa in the living room (not to mention the bedroom).

West Highland White Terrier captivated me with its joy, sharp eyes, as well as cheerful disposition and spontaneous temperament.

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If you have any questions or would like to buy a dog, please contact us by phone or email. (For English speakers: Before calling us please write an email or private message on Facebook)

Phone number

+48 604 414 052